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Abstract: Under-aged drinking and DWI laws and effects

Law is defined as a system of rules or regulations that govern the conduct of people of a community, society, or nation. Law is one of the main reasons behind America’s success. Among others, law is one of the main reasons why people are behind bars.

Law can sometimes be a complicated matter. I’m sorry. I meant to say “law is always a complicated matter.” That is why we have professionals such as lawyers who represent the interest of the individuals that hire them to resolve a legal dispute.

Mr. Louis Trosch, the focus of our Let’s Ask Trosch video segment, is an established lawyer. He has devoted some of his time to answer various legal related questions asked by you, our viewer. In this segment, Mr. Trosch talks about what will happen to you if you were to be caught drinking alcohol under the age of 21. If you do not already know what a DWI is, Mr. Trosch will explain it to you in plain terms. He will also be discussing the affects on one if he or she is convicted of a DWI.


Andrey’s Recommendation:

These segments are meant to enlighten and inform you. Laws change constantly so if you are arrested, we are not suggesting that you waltz into court unrepresented and claim theQshow.com says “this and that.” If you run into some legal issues of your own, please consult your attorney.

If you are arrested for a DWI, which is a very big deal in my opinion, you might as well just find a bridge and jump off it because it will be a royal pain in the butt to go through. If jumping off a bridge does not work for you, consult a DWI attorney. The best solution however, is just not to drink and drive in the first place. It will save you a lot of time and money.

If you do decide to get arrested for DWI, hiring a lawyer to represent you is not such a bad idea. From an economic perspective, the cost of a lawyer is often times offset by the opportunity cost of community service or jail time that is either eliminated or reduced by your lawyer. The best part is, if you spend all of your money on alcohol and can not afford a lawyer you can ask for a public defender at the expense of the government. You can thank the U.S. Constitution for that.

-Andrey Rudnitsky


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