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The Quality Show was thought up some time in mid-2005 by Andrey. After a lot of planning, organizing and brainstorming, the basic setup was complete. It was time to execute. The end result was a combination of Andrey’s closest friends, David, Vadeem, Alex (Jeffy), and Serge.

The show, for now, is very informal. We rehearse for only about 3 hours the night before the studio session. Although there is no script we do follow a simple outline. Occasionally we do some “out-of-the-studio” segments and roll it into the show.

Being a show created by college students, we obviously have a very small budget. I mean very small. So we have to make due with what we have.

Our primary focus is to entertain our audience (you). We try to do this through our discussions, product reviews (ex: cars) and “out-of-the-studio”(ex: Anatoly at the Lake ) segments.

Our secondary focus is to inform our audience. We realize that a big percentage of our audience are college students, that is why we have segments like “Let’s Ask Trosch” where people can email Trosch, a legal professor, legal related questions and he will answer them on TV.

Until we determine the most optimum set up for The Quality Show, there will be some changes. We understand that our audience might have some valuable suggestions that might improve the Quality or our show, so that is why we are totally open to your comments, suggestions, or ideas. You can email us at comments@theqshow.com



If you would like to comment on our show, feel free to send any feedback to our email comments@theqshow.com (We might comment on your feedback on The Quality Show)
Please include your first name and your age.