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Q Sketches: Medellin the Film, or Medellin the Fake?
By Andrey Rudnitsky
August 7, 2007

The Entourage has become a TV-series phenomenon with characters like Drama, Vince, Ari, and of-course Billy the crazy director. I’m not going to argue on whether or not The Entourage is an interesting show to watch, because it is. And there is one more thing that makes it even more interesting, Medellin.

Medellin is a film that the characters in The Entourage create in the show. The odd thing is that they made it look so real. First, they aired the trailer – which is not bad at all compared to a real film – at the end of an episode. At the end of the trailer they have a website for the fake film. This is why I raise the question, “Will we see Medellin in the movie theatres sometime in the future?”


In all honesty, I think there is a small chance that we will see Medellin the real film sometime in the near future. I came up with this conclusion because of the following reasons: first off, the sets in the trailer look fairly expensive to create; then there’s the fact that The Entourage already has a loyal audience that would go see the movie regardless of the critic reviews; and finally, the most logical reason, is that the sets in the trailer look fairly expensive to create.

I say that twice because it’s important and I couldn’t think of another great reason. Let me illustrate an example for you. When you order satellite TV you’re not going to pay the one-time installation fee for Direct-TV and only get 2 months of service. More likely you will want to keep it for a longer period of time so that the initial fee will be spread out over a longer period of time. It’s basic economics and accounting and I’m sure HBO knows something about that.

If you have the crew, cast, and set already paid for and an “initial” cost expended on bringing everything together for a one minute and a half trailer for a TV show, why not pay a little extra and get a feature film going? I know that’s a run-on but what could I do, it’s a good point. So remember, if you start seeing teasers on TV for Medellin, Andrey Rudnitsky told you so before time was time.

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