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Q Cars: 2008 BMW M3 Finally Almost Here, But Poorly Received by Odd Group of Enthusiasts
By Andrey Rudnitsky
July 30, 2007

The BMW M3 has got to be the best all around sports car out there. You can drive it to the office in the day time. During the evening, you can take your lovely lady to dinner. Then when the weekend comes around you can meet with your enthusiast buddies and talk about the above average performance stats your M3 has. After you’ve done all of the above, you can push it to the limits on a track or take it to the Tail of the Dragon and hang with the best of them.

As time goes by the M3 gets better and better. My favorite so far is the E-46 body style which lasted from 1999 through 2005. But it’s only my favorite because the new body style M3 has not come out yet. Anyways, with the M3 you have everything that you would ever need in an automobile. It’s luxurious, it’s sexy, it’s comfortable, but – most importantly – it’s fast.


The United State’s version of the E-46 M3’s engine was a 3.2 litre inline-6 that produced 333 horsepower. Before that we had the E-36 M3 which started out with a 3.0 litre inline-6 engine that produced around 240 horsepower. And before that we had the E-30 M3 with a measly 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine. You can see where I’m going with this.

If a new M3 model is coming out, it is destined to be better than its predecessor. So why are there people out there who are complaining about the new M3? Yes, that’s right, people are complaining about it and the worst part is that these people happen to be M3 enthusiasts.

Some M3 enthusiasts out there are complaining about the fact that the new M3 will have a V-8 instead of the I-6. If anything, they should be pushing for a 1001 horsepower W-16 in the M3. This is a crazy world we are living in.

Here’s a better way of illustrating this dilemma. It’s like declining to accept a raise in your salary. You’ve either been dropped on your head numerous times or you’re a complete idiot. “That’s okay Mr. Boss Sir, I don’t need extra money from your company. In fact, I’d work for free if I didn’t have a family and bills to pay. Thank you for your kindness. Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna bang my head on the floor because I’m an idiot.”

If someone is offering to make your life better, you accept it. It’s human nature to do so. So why is this odd faction of M3 enthusiasts not accepting the new more powerful V-8? Surely these M3 enthusiasts are not tree huggers. They’re not worried about more pollution caused by the thirstier V-8. If they were tree huggers, they’d be Prius enthusiasts and have posters of Leonardo Dicaprio – the lead tree hugger – in their rooms. Surely they’re not worried about counting to 8 instead of 6; most of them have 10 fingers. So what is it that concerns them enough to complain about the engine swap?

Sound! They would like retain the sound of the inline 6 cylinder engine. I would have to say that that is the dumbest reason to not want the V-8.

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