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Q Cars: Aftermarket Geniuses create the Project Kahn Aston Martin DB9S
By Andrey Rudnitsky
August 25, 2007

Europe is different and here's how. In the USA when you hear someone speak of modifying their car, the first thing that comes to mind is a muffler, a couple of stickers, and floppy spoiler. Most of the time the car being modified looks worse than it did before the modifications took place.

But in Europe there are organizations that can actually bring perfection a little more closer to actual perfection. The Project Kahn Aston Martin DB9S is a perfect example of this. They took an already beautiful car and made it handsome. Project Kahn has focused their expertise in creating a body kit that replaces the elegant "stock" look of the DB9 with a more aggressive one.


For a 6,699-pound investment, you get a body kit that includes the revised front and rear bumpers, side skirts and deck lid spoiler. For an additional 4,000-pounds you can get the 20" Kahn RSV wheels, the very same wheels fitted to the Aston Martin DBS prototype.

Project Kahn doesn't say, but hopefully these modifications aren’t just for looks. For the amount of money you'd dish out for these mods it would be nice to know whether or not the down-force is better than with the stock front and rear bumpers.

Unfortunately there are no modifications to the engine. Maybe Project Kahn will get around to it next time.

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